About The Impact Review

We're on a journey to connect the dots between the problems, solutions and humans at the heart of healthcare and agriculture. We believe these two sectors play a critical role in all of our futures, and that considered dialogue amongst the people holding the keys to this future is essential.

What we do

The Impact Review is an English language online publication based in Singapore and founded by Spurwing Communications. We serve the information needs of business leaders in the healthcare and agricultural communities of Asia Pacific by exploring the ways impact is made through people, technology and innovation. We share regular content within the topics of healthcare, agriculture and food.

We maintain complete editorial independence from our founding agency.

Who and what we stand for

We believe quality of output, not quantity, is what defines value in a hurried media landscape. Our readers are the people who have the power to create a healthier future, but are inundated with noise from content trying to grab attention rather than accurately inform in an easily digestible way. We stand for attentive, insightful analysis and expert opinion.

What our readers can expect

The Impact Review is an easy read to enjoy over a coffee before you begin your day. Our tone bridges the gap between the dry, technical feel of the region’s trade publications and simplified mainstream news. We write with the understanding that our audience is informed and educated on our focus areas of healthcare and agriculture because they work in these sectors. We don’t dumb things down, but we won’t bore you with dry details either.